Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Place to Stash Stuff

In our "attic" turned family room we have lots of space behind the walls for storage. We have intended to cut holes in the wall so we would have access to it since before we had the drywall done. However, this has been pushed aside for many months and our kids' rooms and family room have been filled with stacks of storage. Some of this is seasonal and some stuff that needs gone through to be put on a yard sale, but all of it needs a place to go so our children can play.

I am HAPPY to announce that Josh and my Dad have completed the doors on both sides of the room and our stuff can now be STASHED (at least until it's needed or we have a chance to go through it)!

This not only means clear space to be able to finish the kids' rooms, but also means I am able to start setting up my scrapbook area!

**Pictures coming soon (Stashing the stuff is this weekend's project)**

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