Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Financial Goals Progress

As I mentioned in my introduction, we are going through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and working hard to pay off debt. We set some goals for March using the baby steps as our guide. So, here is where we are:

Baby Step 1: $1000 Emergency Fund by March 31 - completed as of 3/26

Baby Step 2: Debt Snowball started with $100 paid towards - started & paid $309.92

Close CC Accounts & Shred Cards - DONE

Use Envelope System - We did this, but still have some perfecting to do to make it work best for us!

Sell Expedition - Deal in the works, hopefully done by the end of the week at the latest!

We have been working so hard - cutting the budget as much as possible, selling stuff, and a little bit of extra side work (If you are local and need a babysitter let me know!)

So, what are we looking at for April? April holds an extra paycheck for Josh and we will still set our goals high.

Baby Step 2: Debt Snowball - pay extra 2 payments on van

Envelope System - keep working to make this work for us

Set aside $ for Graduation gift - (My "baby" brother graduates HS this year and we currently do not have a gift fund set up, so we decided on an amount to put aside for this from our extra money AFTER we accomplish the extra van payments)

  • Check policies we have - adjust if needed or helpful
  • Get Health insurance for me
  • Get TERM life insurance for us with riders for the kids

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