Friday, March 13, 2009

More Deals This Week

Ok, I went shopping again this week as I finally had time to really go through the Walgreen's ad. I took the kids with me which was not a good idea! I could likely have saved a bit more money had I not had them with me as their screaming was making me rush at the checkout and not putting my transactions in the order I should have. Even at that I still got some really good deals!

Yes, some of the items are the same as from my earlier post, but they are things we use and at a good price, so I stocked up. I also purchased a few items for the Easter baskets. Here's what I got:

8 - 12 pks of Coke
10 - cans of chicken broth (I'll be making some soups to freeze in a couple weeks)
2 - 6 packs of Motts applesauce
3 pks Huggies
2 - 4oz tubes of Colgate
2 - Johnson's Buddies bar soap
1 Dry Idea Roll-on
1 bx of Walgreens Allergy meds (Comparable to Zyrtec)
1 bx Excedrin Menstrual
2 kites
1 set of Tattoos
1 water toy
1 light up squishy toy

And how much did I spend?


Not bad considering the diapers alone would normally cost me more than that!

Oh, I also got some of my FREE SAMPLES in the mail yesterday (trial size of Selsun Blue and 2 - 8oz cans of Enfamil formula)!

As you can see, this is mostly toiletries. I do still have some grocery shopping to do (I usually do not make this many shopping trips in one week).

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