Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Sanity

We all need a little time to ourselves, or at least away from our children, especially when you are a SAHM and you live where you work. My escape is scrapbooking. It is a great way for me to get away, get some time with other adult women, use my creative energy, and preserve my families memories in a really cool way. I try to get away to scrapbook at least once a month and this year may have the opportunity to get away twice a month if it fits in the schedule. Last weekend was one of my opportunities and this is what I got done (please keep in mind I go as much for the social as the productivity, so I often get done more talking than scrapping).

I actually created this page last month, but didn't have my needle and thread to complete the title and little heart in the corner. This stitching is a new technique for me and I love it! Here's a closer look:

and here is the other page I did (I still have to finish the title - Indoor Egg Hunt) from when it snowed on Easter last year.

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